In Mond’Arverne, all roads lead to flavours!

Between the Route des Fromages AOP d’Auvergne and the Route des Vins AOC Côtes d’Auvergne, follow what your heart tells you and give your taste buds a typically Auvergnat adventure!

After a morning spent in the uplands of the Plateau de Corent, it’s high time to break for lunch on a cooling terrace. The restaurant has a dish available that begs questions as much as it amuses people: “la trufouille”! Intriguing, don’t you think? Are you likely to get another opportunity to try a dish made up of frogs’ legs and truffade (potatoes and Cantal cheese)?

After this culinary experience which will be, to say the least, surprising, you’ll be able to continue your day in the pretty little historic streets and alleyways of Vic-le-Comte. Perhaps you’ll find yourself looking for a souvenir, and you’ll find your heart settle in the end for a collection of old postcards with pictures of the surrounding scenery.