huge region in the heart of Auvergne…

Within this huge region in the heart of Auvergne, on the flanks of its symbolic volcanoes, Mond’Arverne is busying itself opening the doors of a playground to you, one in which NATURE goes hand in hand with ADVENTURE.

Hills and forests, rivers and valleys… and you’re off to tackle the great outdoors. In this land of outdoor activities, whatever you choose is the right way to satisfy your spirit of freedom, whether you’re with the family, your partner or your whole clan! Whether you’re a once-a-week sportsperson or a seasoned athlete, you’ll be off on your mountain bike or electric (off-road!) scooter, making your way through the forests and across the pastures. And you can use a fat bike for haring down the slopes of the volcanoes. Or if you’re on foot, you’ll be taking on the Puy de Combegrasse or coming down through the gorges of the Monne and really enjoying the coolness of this little river that looks like a torrent! And if you’re here in winter, that’s not a problem either, you just need to strap on your snow shoes or cross-country skis and head off along the snow-covered trails!

If you’re up for something a bit more exciting, then head for an adventure with the hanging nets at AcroFun, where you’ll have a really great time jumping around! Or if you’d rather be wandering among the trees, put your vertigo behind you and take on the big conifers at Aydat’s acrobranch course.

If you’re not too scared, maybe you’ll dare to have a go at paragliding too! Remember: it’s not every day you’ll get the chance to fly over so many volcanoes!

Once back on terra firma, there’ll be a canoe awaiting you beside the banks of the River Allier. Watch out for the small rapids that you’ll find every now and then during your descent! Calmer but just as pleasant, sail aboard a catamaran on Auvergne’s largest natural lake, or walk on water with some standup paddleboarding. And when your expedition comes to an end, you’ll be able to enjoy a well-deserved bit of relaxation on the beach of Lac d’Aydat!

Mond’Arverne is busying itself opening the doors of a playground to you, one in which NATURE goes hand in hand with ADVENTURE

27 Results
Activity type
  • White-water(2)
  • Water sports(9)
  • Canyoning(2)
  • Kayak(5)
  • Aerial sports(6)
  • Paragliding(3)
  • Pedestrian sports(3)
  • Nordic walking(1)
  • Hiking(2)
  • Micro-light(1)
  • Sports adapted for disabled people(2)
  • Seated paragliding(1)
  • Rock climbing site(3)
  • Miscellaneous sports(1)
  • Health and wellness equipment(1)
  • Climbing wall(1)
  • Sports room(1)
  • Spa area(1)
  • Donkey trekking(1)
  • Fishing(3)
  • Closed water(1)
  • Kite(1)
  • Ball sports(1)
  • Golf(1)
  • Cycle sports(3)
  • Mountain biking(2)
  • Electric-assisted mountain bike(2)
  • Climbing sports(3)
  • Adventure trail / Accrobranche® (tree top adventure trails)(3)
  • Windsurf(2)
  • Sailing(2)
  • Catamaran(2)
  • Stand up paddle(2)
  • Recreational activities(1)
  • Games for children(1)
  • Zip line(1)
  • Beach / Bathing Area(1)
  • (1)
  • Environment(1)
  • Winter sports(1)
  • Snow-shoes(1)
  • Orientation race(1)
  • Sport fishing(1)
  • Freshwater fishing(1)
  • Swimming pool(1)
  • Hot-air ballooning(1)
  • Lakeside or by stretch of water(2)
  • Forest location(3)
  • Waterside(2)
  • Feet in the water: beach(1)
  • Free(1)
  • Aydat(15)
  • Saint-Maurice(2)
  • La Roche-Blanche(2)
  • Clermont-Ferrand(2)
  • Vic-le-Comte(2)
  • Saint-Genès-Champanelle(1)
  • Le Crest(1)
  • Orcet(1)
  • Cournols(1)

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