These ancient volcanoes…

Here, between the volcanoes of Auvergne and the mountains of Le Livradois-Forez, nature reigns supreme. The tops of the puys and the plateaux rub shoulders with the gorges and valleys that have been carved out over time.
And you move from the heights of Gergovie to the wild shores of the River Allier in an instant, before passing though the huge swathes of forest in Comté d’Auvergne.
From one end of the region to the other, reminders of a turbulent volcanic past remain engraved in the landscapes. You wind your way along the roads following the ancient volcanoes, of which the Puy de la Vache and the Puy de Lassolas are the ambassadors.

If there’s one region that encapsulates Auvergne in a nutshell, it’s this.