In Mond’Arverne, the past is everywhere!

And history marches by as you make your way through the region on your journey of discovery, from the depths of time at the ancient site of Gergovie, home to the famous battle between Julius Caesar and Vercingétorix, to the modern era.

If you’re looking to head back in time, the mediaeval village of Saint-Saturnin is the place to go, where you’ll also find one of Auvergne’s loveliest Romanesque churches. As you wander through the pretty little mediaeval alleyways, wash houses, fountains and small, shady squares come one after the other, revealing as they do their bygone charm. A tip for you: look upwards, as all sorts of historical details are hidden in the walls. During your tour of the Château Royal, you’ll be encountering some important names from French history. Just a few kilometres from here, stop off at Château de la Batisse. Here, the seigneur, accompanied by his fair damsel, will provide you with an insight into the life of chateau owners during the Middle Ages. Take care not to bother the captain of the guards too much during your visit though! Certainly worth a detour!

From 2.30pm:
Another place, another time… And this time it’s Vic-le-Comte, once the capital of Comté d’Auvergne, where you’ll continue your immersive experience, and where you’ll be able to see the stylish timber-framed houses, lovely winemakers’ homes and Sainte-Chapelle.

And it’s at Château de Busséol that you’ll be able to round off this historic day in the best possible manner. Built on a rocky pinnacle, it looks out over the whole of the Limagne. Said to be impenetrable, its natural, solid appearance leaves a lasting impression. And up high, its hanging garden – where you’ll find medicinal plants, flowers and shrubs from the Middle Ages – provides another amazing view from the mountains of Le Sancy to Le Livradois-Forez.

In Mond’Arverne, the past is everywhere! And history marches by as you make your way through the region on your journey of discovery,