Family Fun Day

9am to noon :
This morning, mum and dad are taking us to Pessade Pleine Nature for the AcroFun. While we walk carefully over the netting, they start jumping around to make us fall over. As it’s not dangerous, we burst out laughing and start running, jumping and bouncing all over the place, right among all the trees. This playground is enormous! There are slides, balls and all sorts of other things, and when you get to the platform right at the top, you can see all the volcanoes!
After we’ve come down from our little cloud made of green and blue netting, we hire mountain bikes. And we’re off for a trip through the woods of Pessade.

Noon to 2pm :
Being out in the fresh air makes you hungry! We stop off for a well-deserved lunch break at the Pessade Pleine Nature restaurant. The waitress said we should try a P’ssadette, which is a melted cheese-based speciality. It’s delicious!

From 2.30pm :
Now that we’ve got our strength back, we’re hitting the road again, and heading for Lac d’Aydat. We’ve barely arrived before we come across some donkeys. They’re really nice! We get on the backs of Pépette and Framboise and set off for a walk. Mum and dad walk alongside us. In the forest, the trees bring a bit of shade and keep us cool.

After our walk we all put on our swimming things! We leave our towels on the beach and jump into the water with our ball, with the lifeguards looking out for us. There are sailing boats bobbing around quietly on the lake. And then we see one…two…three pedalos! “Dad, mum! Can we go on the pedalos?” Then we go off to the sailing school pontoon. The parents start pedalling and it’s full steam ahead! We get right to the middle of the lake really quickly, and we spend some time spotting fish in the water.

Great day out with family !