Welcome to Saint-Saturnin

Along pretty mediaeval alleyways lie homes dating from the Renaissance, alongside winemakers’ homes, wash houses, fountains and small, shady squares, revealing their charm of yesteryear. Welcome to Saint-Saturnin. Built on a lava flow, the village owes its name to the spectacular and harmonious pair formed by the Romanesque church and the Château Royal.

As you walk along the cobbled streets, you only have to raise your eyes to immerse yourself in the history of the southern charm of this town. And you move from one building to the next, featuring a few floral touches here and there, before reaching the splendour of the church of Saint-Saturnin. While it may be the smallest of Auvergne’s five major Romanesque churches, it is nonetheless a gem of Romanesque architecture. A gem made from light arkose sandstone and volcanic stone.
But the story does not end here! Having admired the tiered choir of this stone edifice, the Château Royal proudly awaits your visit. Built during the 13th century, it forms part of the Route Historique des Châteaux d’Auvergne. During the guided tour, you’ll have the chance to cross paths with some important names from French history, including Catherine de Medicis – regent of the kingdom of France during the 16th century – and her daughter, Queen Margot, wife of King Henry IV.

After you’ve immersed yourself in the history of Saint-Saturnin, the surrounding area abounds with natural little gems which makes for a nice stroll.

A great way of getting an idea of the wild nature of Auvergne in the coolness of the gorges of La Monne, or enjoying the beauty of the wide-open spaces on the mountain of La Serre.

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