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Peace, nature and countryside! Get that tent set up! In Mond’Arverne, campsites come in all sorts of shapes and sizes in order to fit the bill: pitches, mobile homes for hire, tents, chalets etc. Fancy something a bit quirky? Then treat yourself to the gypsy caravans, coco-sweet tents, “tentenbois” (wooden tents) and timber chalets, for something really novel on holiday! Mond’Arverne also means having the freedom to move around at your own pace and make the most of the facilities at our campervan reception areas.

Whether you’re someone who likes the mountains, nature and wide-open spaces, or you prefer villages, culture and a southern feel, you’ll be able to enjoy your stay just as you see fit!

People who enjoy wide-open spaces and the great outdoors can come and camp or stay in a campervan!

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